The Queen Mumtaz Mental Health Foundation is a non-profit organization dedicated to raising awareness about mental health issues within the Muslim community. We provide culturally sensitive support, promote understanding, and work to reduce the stigma associated with mental health and addiction.

How do we work?

Technology & Innovation
Partnering with Local Communities

By leveraging and adapting innovative technologies, the Queen Mumtaz Mental Health Foundation provides individuals, families, and communities with resources and services to enhance mental health awareness, support, and decision-making. Our approach ensures that modern solutions are accessible and effective within the Muslim community, fostering better mental health outcomes.

By fostering relationships with like-minded organisations and private individuals, the Queen Mumtaz Mental Health Foundation can unlock new sources of support, allowing us to scale our efforts and impact far beyond the limits of traditional funding. Together, we can create a broader and more sustainable reach in mental health awareness and support within the Muslim community.

Our initiatives include educational programs, outreach events, and support services aimed at improving mental well-being and fostering a compassionate community.

Finance & Investing

To make a lasting impact, we recognize the importance of actively engaging and including the communities we aim to support. At the Queen Mumtaz Mental Health Foundation, we are committed to continually learning and growing, ensuring we show up as an authentic, ethical partner dedicated to improving mental health within the Muslim community.

Our team


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“Empowering minds, breaking stigma, and fostering community: Together, we can transform mental health awareness within the Muslim community.”

– Hauwa Bello